About Dicoweb

We are a proudly South African company, delivering world-class service.

Dicoweb is a company that specialises in creating energy solutions for homes and small businesses in South Africa.

We provide solar energy, energy monitoring, and 3D printing services for domestic and business purposes.

Our guarantee

We are able to provide a holistic energy strategy for homes and small businesses. Our dedication to success guarantee commitment to customer service, fair pricing and mastery of material.

We are able to assess your power usage and provide a fit for purpose solar system.

Customer service

Our customer service, installation service and after-sales support are bar none.


We offer fairly-priced energy solutions for homes and small businesses in South Africa.

Mastery of material

Our workmanship and installations are of high-quality, and we pride ourselves on delivering excellence.

The Team

Rudi Bingle

Rudi is a retired Electrical Engineer with many years of experience in the mining industry. He has deep knowledge and understanding of power distribution systems and energy strategies. Through his post-graduate studies, he learned the value of effective leadership and care.

Roelf Boshoff

Roelf is a professional Electrical Engineer, skilled in electrical and automation systems, energy analysis and reporting. He has more than 15 years of experience.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote, offer and install green energy solutions to improve the customers’ environmental footprint based on our knowledge and experience.


We are passionate about delivering a high-quality products and services, which includes our famed after sales support.