Sustainable solar power solutions

Smart power monitoring to save money and reduce your dependency on the grid,
coupled with green solar energy for homes and small businesses in Gauteng.

Sustainable energy

Our solar power systems are reliable and effective. It will present the user an opportunity to take control and use energy from a source that cannot be depleted thus concomitantly reduce the reliance on power generated from fossil fuels which is undeniable devastating to the environment.

Feel in control again

Make informed decisions on power usage, lower monthly utility cost and dampen the impact of high electricity bills and rate hikes thus protecting buying power. Our smart power monitoring systems provide reliable information that will enable you to make informed decisions.

Security awareness

It becomes imperative that your home security systems, lights and communication equipment remain operational under main power failure conditions.

Do you experience these problems?

High electricity bills?

Getting astronomically expensive electricity bills in the mail, no matter how many lights you turn off? Avoid high power costs from the municipality by taking control of how you use your power with our holistic approach towards power management and solar power systems.

Unsure of where your power is going?

If you don’t know how your energy is being used, and where to start with solar energy or energy reduction, the first step is to instal a power monitor system. A power monitor system gives you clear data and allows you to make informed decisions about power usage.

Load shedding

If you work from home or have a small business, you may have considered buying a generator to allow you continuing using electricity during load shedding. Rather than spending money on something that guzzles fuel, with its ever-increasing price, use the energy available to you: the sun!


About Us

Dicoweb is a company that specialises in creating energy solutions for homes and small businesses in South Africa. We provide solar energy, energy monitoring, and 3D printing services for domestic and business purposes.

How it works

Our 3-step process

1. Contact us for a free consultation

We’ll come to you, saving you time. During our visit we will assess your individual needs and current power management system, if you have one, and provide you with expert recommendations.

2. Install a power monitor

The most important step is to put you in charge of your power again. We start by installing a power monitoring system if you don’t have one, to ensure that you understand how your electricity is used.

3. Install additional hardware

The final step is to reduce your dependence on the grid with a high-quality solar system. Using the data from your power monitoring system, we can instal a system that works for you and not the other way around.